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A Willingness to Imagine

Prior to working in the restaurant business, Deanne coached executives to step into larger roles. Deanne says,

"The best part of my work as a coach was the shift in energy I observed. When individuals had new ideas about what was possible for them and for their teams there was a lift in determination that fueled new actions."

As part of our Brightside Kitchen journey, we write here in this blog as a way to inspire others to consider what is possible for them when they take time to imagine. We imagine a time when we connect with you in person or by social media. We see ourselves with time to listen and encourage you on your journey. Since the cafe will be located in a health and fitness center, we imagine there will be people strolling through on their way to a healthier, more fit 2018. 

As 2017 comes to an end, and 2018 stands ready to filled with actions, take a moment to reflect:

-What is possible for you in 2018? 

-What do you imagine? 

Imagine the possibility of eating & living with compassion for people, the planet, and animals.

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