Co-Owners, Hailey Dixon and Kevin Caughron

Hailey Dixon and Kevin Caughron purchased the Café from founders Steve and Deanne in August of 2019.

More information about the duo to come!

Co-Founders, Steve and Deanne Bryce


a food business that leads the way in teaching and serving delicious food that supports the well-being of people, the planet, and animals. 

Brightside Kitchen was founded in 2017 when a friend, who had been a vegan for 16 years, challenged Steve and Deanne Bryce to start a business that aligned with their sustainability values. 

Getting to the point of being 100% plant based/vegan was a process...

Steve grew up on a farm. He raised hogs and studied at Iowa State University for a degree in animal science. This led to a 25 plus year career in the meat industry. After several years of trading agricultural commodities, Steve started cooking. The science of flavor, along with a culinary class that challenged him in new ways, brought him to a new career as a restaurateur and now a vegan chef. 


Deanne grew up in the suburbs of California and Idaho.  She taught first grade and eventually worked in organizational development. She started a leadership development coaching business. Deanne was pleased to let Steve do the cooking at home when he shared his new found skills. Deanne dreamed of being a business owner; she wanted to create a business that allowed people to share their best talents.    

Steve and Deanne remodeled an old drive-in in Springfield, MN. Together, with the help of other family members, they built a successful traditional food business and operated Solar Drive In and eventually Solar's Real Food Kitchen for five years. 

During this time, Steve learned about the The China Project and the work that led to the book The China Study.  

This body of research led him to change the way he cooked. When they closed Solar, Steve went back to the meat industry.  It became difficult to continue in that line of work.

Deanne learned about self-managed teams and businesses that are designed to support people to perform at their best.